Intelligent Fresh Water Kit for IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional and IMPRESSA XJ5 Professional

Freshness you can taste
A cup of premium espresso or coffee is 98% water. So this essential ingredient should be of the best possible quality. For the IMPRESSA XJ line, JURA now offers the optimum fresh water solution consisting of the I.F.W.A.© and the Intelligent Fresh Water Kit. When the coffee machines are installed in a fixed location, the intelligent fresh water kit supplies the best quality fresh water for the ultimate coffee.
Convenient and time-saving

If 30 or more speciality coffees are being prepared every day at a fixed location, it is advisable to use a permanent water connection. This saves time and allows the beverages to be prepared without interruption. A latest-generation water connection system is now available from JURA. The Intelligent Fresh Water Kit prevents standing water in the tank, so fresh water is always available to make the perfect coffee. In automatic mode the water tank fills automatically in the morning with just the right amount of fresh water and empties itself in the evening.

Discreet and user-friendly

The Intelligent Fresh Water Kit is easy to fit and simple to operate. Because it can be fully integrated in the coffee machine, it requires no extra space. The kit can be used with the built-in CLARIS filter or with an upstream CLARIS water-filtering system.

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