We bring the coffee experience straight to your home. Our online service, launched in 2013, provides expert one-to-one advice. Discover JURA LIVE: online personal advice from JURA experts including live product demos. Let us help you decide.

We have a large range of products, and choosing the right coffee machine for you isn’t always easy. That’s why we have developed JURA LIVE: expert advice via video phone or video chat. You’ll be connected to one of our experts live in our specially equipped studios, where they can give you a personal demonstration of our coffee machine range.

Learn how JURA coffee machines can prepare delicious speciality coffees simply at the touch of a button. In just a few minutes, we can help you find the coffee machine that best suits your needs. Then it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to purchase the product online or from a specialised dealer of your choice.


Here’s how it works:

Click on the green button on the right-hand edge of the screen and you will be connected to us immediately. Because the video image is only transmitted in one direction, we cannot access your camera. You can communicate with us using a microphone or chat via the keyboard. 

Personalised expert advice is just a click away. Get in touch today and find out how we can help!